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10 December 2021


What is your purpose?

I’ve always been involved in education. Travelling around the world teaching and working with brands and individuals in the private sector. It was clear that in comparison there were few quality gaps in the college system and I wanted to do something about it. I wanted to revolutionise and re-frame the system. The gap between private and state is huge, I wanted to bridge it.

What I really want to do is send the elevator down for the next generation, shine the light on talent, share the fundamentals of life and give people the opportunity to live a life of passion.

How will you achieve this?

One step at a time. We have 10 college partners so far and we want to make this available so that any young person in the UK has access to first class hair education. These partners are critical to help raise the standard. We have a model that helps colleges to deliver the best possible hair education product.

What makes the LSE course so special?

We’ve spent years refining the training programmes, the recipes and how we train to make sure students have the best experience during the process. The focus is on creating strong, long-term partnerships. We work with the government and education leaders ensuring we create education that is relevant, workable and inspiring. Making sure the quality is salon standard and consistent, this is so important. We want to create the best standard and deliver the best technical training. We believe if the technique is good it can be the platform for creativity.

The students also have access to me through weekly master-classes and our LSE trainers. These are people who have been in the industry for years, have great experience and are there to help, support and guide.

What is the journey you want students to experience?

Students are enthused and excited, learning great hair and appreciating the quality of the course they soon grow to love. They will understand all facets of the business and we want their passion to ignite!

They will learn the fundamentals of life as well the ability to cut and style great, great hair.

What are the professional opportunities post graduation?

Most students think the big blue sky is going on a cruise ship! But, there is so much more. Salon-life, mobile hairdressing in the UK (and even abroad). You can work in TV, film, theatre, and session styling for magazines, fashion runway and red carpet. Why not be an educator travelling around the world sharing your skills. When you get to know the business you may be inspired to be an entrepreneur and own your own salon, create you own product – you name it! There are so many opportunities.

What is the one piece of advice you would give to an LSE graduate?

The next step is to try and find the best mentor. Work as an assistant, even an apprenticeship it doesn’t matter – just find the best mentor in the country, stick with them and LEARN!


With our learners I always advocate the importance of entering competitions. Your skills improve as you prepare for them, it’s exciting, get’s you noticed and makes you stand out.

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