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The Midas Touch for dry hair that needs extra moisture


Our new and improved haircare with organic Argan Oil is all about nourishing hair and smoothing frizz.With its high content of antioxidants, essential fatty acids, and vitamin E, the sustainably sourced Argan Oil works to repair, hydrate and build strength from within.

Infused with sustainably sourced organic Argan Oil: liquid gold for smooth healthy hair. Formulated to repair and restore dry, coarse, thick hair that needs extra moisture and softness.


We’ve even updated the fragrance. Think sun-kissed bergamot and a gentle breeze of orange blossom, with floral heart notes. Base notes of patchouli, amber and timeless vanilla work together to give you a taste of Morocco or visions of a spa every time you swish your hair.


Argan Oil, also known as liquid gold, for smoother, softer and shinier hair


With so many different shades of blonde, we don’t believe one size fits all. The Bleach Blondes range from Lee Stafford has been designed to deeply repair bleached hair from root-to-tip whilst controlling and toning to your perfect level of blonde.




For fine hair that needs a little lift, voluptuous volume and a boost of body. Bigger Fatter Fuller hair care is your bestie for creating big, beautiful hair.

A quick and easy volumising range to take you from flat to fat in a hot minute, the line-up contains body-boosting formulations that won’t weigh you or your hair down.  Nourishing ingredients leave you with big healthy hair, extra texture and seriously glossy shine. Whether it’s curvaceous curls or a big bouncy blowout, we’re “hair” for you. It’s all about being big, bold and beautiful.


So you can proudly say, “I can’t hear you over the volume of my hair”.

Suitable for all blondes. Everyday. Colour Love. More than just colour protection, this nourishing range contains everything you need to keep your blonde hair happy. 


Use the Shampoo and Conditioner daily to maintain your blonde in-between toning washes with a touch of purple pigment to keep hair ‘just so.’ With products to repair, smooth and protect Lee Stafford Bleach Blondes Colour Love is a deeply hydrating, gentle collection to help maintain salon-fresh blonde.  It’s not just about colour it’s about caring for the health of your blonde too.


Be a Mane Queen and let your blonde be the jewel in your crown with our Colour Love everyday care range.

The Ice White collection has been formulated to cool down your colour and instantly neutralise orange tones with a shot of blue pigment for a silver tone.  Use this range every other wash to keep colour cool and vibrant or use every day to overtone to grey.  Layer up each of these toning products for the iciest blonde.


Be a Mane Queen and let your blonde be your frosted tiara with Ice White.

With so many different shades of blonde, we don’t believe one size fits all. The Bleach Blondes range from Lee Stafford has been designed to deeply repair bleached hair from root-to-tip whilst controlling and toning to your perfect level of blonde.


The Purple Reign collection was born from our original Award Winning purple toning Shampoo. A purple toning range containing violet pigments to target and eliminate annoying yellow tones. A trouble-shooting game-changing collection that helps to keep brassy hair at bay. Use these professional strength products every other wash to keep colour salon fresh and use every day for a purple hue.


Be a Mane Queen and let your blonde be your crown with Purple Reign.


Chocolate is one of nature’s best kept beauty secrets.  Cacao (the purest form of chocolate) is an ancient ingredient known as ‘food of the gods’. A powerful ingredient that helps to strengthen hair and boost shine. 


Naturally rich in antioxidants, minerals and feel-good happiness, chocolate contains vital nutrients to make hair lustrous and supple with a mirror-like gloss that is out of this world.

Like a comforting hug for unloved locks, Choco Locks harnesses the powerful shine boosting properties of chocolate.  Formulated with antioxidising Cacao extract and other glow enhancing ingredients to penetrate deep into the hair shaft, helping to smooth the cuticle, leaving hair seriously glossy – a light reflective glow to rival any highlighter.


Lee also loves that chocolate contains the same natural chemical that is made when you are falling in love which is why he wanted to create this feel good line that is great for your hair and your soul.


For hair that looks lit from within. Choco Locks leaves hair, vibrant, swishable and smelling insane.


We love an ingredient story here at Lee Stafford HQ. And we especially love one that means we get to say things like ‘Are you looking at my Coconuts’ or ‘Go on shake your Coconuts.’


Beneath the husky hard shell of a coconut lies a hidden treasure trove of powerful hair enhancing ingredients. This almighty fruit contains a powerful and hydrating oil packed with coconutty goodness, forming the core of the Lee Stafford Coco Loco collection.

We have taken our original Coco Loco range and upgraded it. We’ve added Agave Essence for added moisture, movement and shine.  We’ve kept our original Coco Loco fragrance in there but just added a bit of Agave for a tropical twist.


‘Why Agave?’ we hear you shout.  Well, the Agave plant (a cousin of the Aloe Vera plant we all know and love) protects itself against harsh desert climates by producing nutritious sugar nectar that holds moisture.  Agave Essence can be used to lock moisture into the hair by coating individual hair cuticles.  The plant extract can heal damage and breakage of brittle ends, making hair stronger.

Still packed with Coconut Oil to deeply moisturise locks, each product in the Coco Loco lineup has been lovingly created to help transform parched and damaged hair back to its former glory. Rich in lauric acid, which has a natural affinity for hair protein, Coconut is one of THE best oils to really penetrate the hair shaft. By reducing protein loss within the cuticle which in turn prevents damage, each product in the Coco Loco Collection ensures hair is stronger, shinier and healthier with a head-turning coconut fragrance that lasts all day long!


Great hair in a nutshell!


Made with only ingredients your curls will love.


For The Love Of Curls is dedicated to waves, curls and coils with products for curl types 2A to 4C. Our curl care range has been developed to help you crack the curl code.

We understand no two curls are the same. Length, density, porosity, and texture all come into play when it comes to looking after curls. Like completely individual fingerprints, curls are unique and require a routine that is tailored, cocktailed, coded and made to measure by the curly girl that wears them.


We know curl care can be intricate, but it doesn’t have to be complicated. So For The Love Of Curls lets you know exactly which product is suitable for your curls with symbols on pack to keep you on track.

We understand the importance of the Curly Girl method so we’ve made all of our products 100% Curly Girl friendly and we know curly hair can be drier and more fragile than other hair types which is why For The Love Of Curls is all about moisture.

Tried, approved and loved by over 1,700 Curly Girls. For The Love Of Curls restores, repairs and loves your curls all the way from washday to refresh and revive days.


For hair that has been pushed to the limit!


A revolutionary Hair Repair range for damaged, over processed hair. We’ve all done it. We have brushed, styled, bleached, processed, heated and broken our hair. There comes a point where your hair can take no more. The Lee Stafford Hair Apology range helps you turn the clock back on damage and transform hair that has reached breaking point.

This game-changing Hair Repair range is packed full of sustainably sourced vegetarian and vegan friendly ingredients that leave hair impossibly sleek, soft and strong from the very first use. Our best range for damage repair, Hair Apology provides intense nourishment, leaving hair feeling smooth, healthy and hydrated.


Turn the clock back on damage and make friends with your hair again.


A NEW & IMPROVED regime to target hair that won’t grow past a certain length, as well as keeping long hair happy. Hip hip hooray.


Our already award-winning Lee Stafford Hair Growth collection has been improved and now contains 2 x Pro-Growth™ complex! Formulated to power and protect hair from within, helping it to grow longer and stronger than ever before. With a protein based complex to fuel follicles, the Lee Stafford Hair Growth collection creates a healthy scalp, helping hair to grow and reach its maximum length.

Heat, colouring, styling and even brushing can damage hair causing weakness, fragility and ragged ends which can lead to breakage. The never-ending heartbreak of snapping ends can leave you wondering why your hair doesn’t seem to grow.


This intensive, nutrient-rich Lee Stafford Hair Growth collection of products contain twice the Pro-Growth™ complex of nurturing proteins that help to avoid the disappointment of hair breakage by rebuilding and strengthening from the inside out. Goodbye heartbreak.


Refresh hair and Keep It Clean with the brand new purifying collection from Lee Stafford haircare.


With mineral rich organic Pink Clay sourced from the coast of France. Oh la la. This range acts as a magnet to oil, dirt, hard water minerals and product residue that can cling to hair, leaving it dull, lank and lifeless.

The deep cleansing Keep It Clean line up battles annoying build up for cleaner, fresher, more balanced hair daily.


Whether you’re a styling addict, find your hair gets weighed down with life or just love washing hair for that clean feeling every day, the Keep It Clean range helps to keep your hair feeling light and shining bright.


Fight Frizz, battle fluff, protect and care for your hair with one of our original and iconic Lee Stafford families. Glass hair – bottled.


A regime for Poker Straight hair packed with luxurious extracts and clever ingredients to close and smooth the cuticle.

A range of absolute hair heroes that get straight to work to help silken, soften and add shine. These straightening products also contain Heat Protection to keep hair safe and healthy from the scorching heat of styling tools.


At Lee Stafford HQ we always say protection is better than cure.


To keep your hair in optimum condition, your scalp needs to be looked after.


Introducing the new Scalp Love collection, underpinned by the fact your scalp is an extension of your face and needs the same level of love.


A scalp range that recognises targeting your scalp should not mean your hair needs are compromised.  Formulated to fight back against everyday scalp problems but also smell beautiful and look Instagramable / Shelfie worthy in your bathroom at the same time.

We have two subranges within our Scalp Love family to help you tackle your scalp concerns and make the best of your hair.


Surge of Moisture to tackle dandruff, dry and irritated scalps. This range adds that much needed moisture to both the hair and the scalp. No compromise to your hair here.

Anti Hair-Loss & Thickening to help with thinning hair. Developed using a targeted skincare-led approach with ingredients like Glycolic Acid, Vitamin C and Biotin. We’ve also combined great ingredients for hair thickening and growth benefits.

Our multi-tasking Skin-Kind Dry Shampoo works across the ranges to add moisture and thicken hair whilst regulating oil levels.


Go on, treat your scalp with the love it deserves.


Stay hydrated. Drink lots of water. And wash and style with Cactus Crush.


Crush your hair’s thirst with Cactus Crush Thirsty Hair collection.


Not many people know this…. But beneath the spiky exterior of the Cactus, lies a hydrating Oil extract that has been used to treat dry and damaged hair for centuries.

A mysterious and fascinating plant, the use of Cactus dates back to the Aztecs of pre-Hispanic Mexico, who worshipped it as a sacred succulent! Containing intensive minerals and electrolytes to help restore natural moisture levels, Cactus Oil penetrates deep into the cuticle to replenish and revive dull and dehydrated hair.


We’ve taken this powerful Cactus Oil extract along with a juicy cocktail of Wild Lime and Kalahari Melon Seed Oil (also known as Watermelon) and created a collection of Hair Hydration Heroes to really nourish your hair. Bursting with vitamins and antioxidants, this colourful concoction creates a tidal wave of moisture to leave you with hydrated and healthy hair.


A powerful hit of hydration for Thirsty Hair.


The Lee Stafford mission is to help you create the hair you actually want. Like anyone on-the-go knows, life can move pretty quickly, so we’re here to make sure your hair isn’t left behind!  


Each product from the Lee Stafford Original Pink Styling Collection has been formulated to do EXACTLY what it says on the bottle.

Removing the guesswork from creating the hair you actually want, each styling and finishing essential from the Lee Stafford line up allows you the freedom to produce double tap worthy looks in minutes.  A line up of award winning styling staples designed to tackle your toughest looks at home.


From lazy girls to killer curls, poker straight or last minute date, liberate your hair with Lee Stafford haircare.  Whether its perfect waves, undone texture or the ultimate slick back top-knot, every product within the Lee Stafford styling and finishing line up has been designed to ensure your hair is just so.

For you that might mean not a hair out of place, perfection.  For others that means hair that looks perfectly imperfect every time. 

Either way, we’ve got you.  


With buildable, hardworking and lightweight formulations each product can be used on its own or even cocktailed with others in the collection to get your hair how you want it and fast.


No fuss, no gimmicks, just problem solving powerhouse products.


Designed to be the only brush and comb tool kit you will ever need, the game-changing brush collections from Lee Stafford help you to effortlessly create double-tap worthy looks at home.


100% vegan, these nine essentials make styling your hair a breeze.

Get creative with the Original Pink Collection; filled with styling essentials that help you to experiment with your look… whether it’s hair up or down!


The CoCo LoCo Brush Collection is all about hyper-glossy hair with added movement and shine. Packed with blow-dry-must-haves, for salon worthy hair that gives you endless confidence with every swish.


A capsule line up designed to help you get go-ready in an instant. Experiment with your look and switch up your style at the touch of a button, with Lee’s iconic pink electrical collection.


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