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12 January 2022


Who was your first influencer/inspirer? What effect did they have?

As we’ve discussed, Sassoon was huge for me and of course my mum and dad. But, the other person that really inspired me was a guy called Ziggy Ziegler, he is a US motivational speaker. I listened to him all the time on my MP3 in the car. He gave me such a positive mental attitude and focused on hard work and dedication. He had a profound effect on me (and he was funny!!). I honestly don’t know where I would be without him.

Has there been a person that has been a constant positive professional inspiration?

No not really, other than parents who were always there to talk to and gave me the belief that anything is possible. But generally people came in and out of my life and inspired me at various points. People like Stacy Broughton (the best hairdresser I’ve worked with) and of course John Frieda, who has always supported me and dropped me a few gems of advice over the years.

You work with many, many students. Do they inspire you?

Yes absolutely. The thing that really inspires me is the online interaction through our educational platform. To see them truly learning and being helped and supported really drives me forward and of course to see them graduate and go on and do amazing things. It feels like a manifestation of all the hard work myself and my team have put into the course. I’m actually still in contact with loads of previous students who keep me updated on their adventures!!

Tell me about the moment when you realised, I’m good, I can do this.

I have a classic case of Imposter Syndrome! I’ve never felt I’ve done it. I travelled from zero to hero very quickly and that took some adjustment, particularly as the early years were very difficult for me. There has always been a level of anxiety in what I do whether it’s cutting hair or launching new product. This has definitely driven my relentless work ethic. Always trying something new, always moving forward.

Will I ever feel I’m good enough? I’m working on it!!


With our learners I always advocate the importance of entering competitions. Your skills improve as you prepare for them, it’s exciting, get’s you noticed and makes you stand out.

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