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13 January 2022


Lee, you talk a lot about the journey students take when they work at Lee Stafford Education, can you describe the three main stages?


This is all about teaching a Michelin star method of cutting and styling. It’s a process that is consistent and enables all of the students to march to the same beat. This means we can measure results and improvements. We always say at LSE if you follow the rules of our recipes you will hit a high standard. This means you will be technically sound. Technique is everything, master it and you can fly.


When your technique is nailed and second nature you are then free to innovate and create. You can break every rule in the book if you want to. LSE will give you the skills to change things and improve yours and your client’s lives, which really, really excites me.


This allows you to deliver technique and creativity into the World. You need to perform and inspire your clients, the people you work with and your boss! You will need to perform across all areas of business particularly within sales and marketing. I have always thought as soon as a client walks through the door they need to be looked after and entertained – This industry is all about performance!

How do you want students to feel after this journey?

Confident, skilled, informed, connected and fully understanding the next steps. After LSE they will know what opportunities are out there and be broadly informed about the hair industry and what you can achieve in it.

It feels to me this journey doesn't finish after LSE. It is a continuous process of education, innovation and performance, do you agree?

One hundred percent! I’m still learning! My career has always been about learning new things, be it cutting and styling hair, in business or even personally. I’m always trying to improve, trying to be a little bit better everyday. It all adds up!


With our learners I always advocate the importance of entering competitions. Your skills improve as you prepare for them, it’s exciting, get’s you noticed and makes you stand out.

9 September 2022


We caught up with 3 students who had graduated from a Lee Stafford academy during lockdown to see what they were up to…

4 June 2022


There’s no substitution for graft and I often talk about this in my series ‘A Life Of Passion’ with my superstar guests. But I wanted to offer some more insight, the practical steps you can take to move yourself ahead in this game and thrive!  

28 May 2022

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